At Black Sage Butcher, we prioritize providing exceptional products at our shop. Our commitment to quality begins with sourcing meat from suppliers who adhere to ethical farming practices and BC Meat Inspection requirements. Our antibiotic-free, hormone-free meat primarily comes from local BC sources, with rare additions from Alberta.

We proudly offer AAA BC beef from supplier 63 Acres, sourced from nearby ranches in Vernon, Enderby, and the Lower Mainland. Our pork is raised in Chilliwack, while our chicken, duck, and lamb hail from the Fraser Valley, with an additional lamb source in Creston. We are delighted to feature organic whole chickens from Covert Farms, located only 10 minutes north of our shop. As our business expands we look forward to opportunities to get more hyper-local.

Yes! We are proud to regularly offer a high-quality selection of frozen, ocean wise (sustainable) seafood including prawns, scallops and several types of fish.

It depends. We do not use breadcrumbs or other fillers in our house-made sausages. However depending on the flavour, some sausages may contain gluten, e.g., our sausages featuring beer as an ingredient. The good news is, with all our fresh sausages made on-site, we can easily answer any inquiries regarding the ingredients.

Free-range meat refers to animals that have been raised in a system where they have access to the outdoors and can roam around more freely. They are not confined to small cages or crowded spaces. Free-range animals typically have the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors like walking, grazing, and socializing with other animals. This freedom of movement and access to the outdoors is believed to contribute to their well-being.

On the other hand, organic meat refers to animals that have been raised following specific organic farming practices. Organic farming avoids the use of synthetic pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic meat comes from animals that have been fed certified organic feed. Organic farming also emphasizes animal welfare, but it does not guarantee that the animals have access to the outdoors or that they are necessarily free to roam.

In summary, the main difference between free-range and organic meat is that free-range refers to animals that have had the freedom to move around outdoors, while organic meat comes from animals that have been raised following specific organic farming practices, focusing on avoiding synthetic inputs in their feed and promoting their overall well-being. It’s worth noting that these terms can sometimes overlap, as some organic meat may also be free-range, but not all free-range meat is necessarily organic.

No, we do not. We simply don’t have the resources or space required to do it well. While we don’t have any direct experience with their services, we are aware Randall’s Craft Butcher in Cawston offers wild game custom cutting so you may consider contacting them.

No, sorry, we do not offer shipping at this time.